The newest matte mat with the signature Mizpah body alignment guide for your fitness flow yet still with the same exceptional grip and the same undeniable comfort, of course! Not only are the lines aesthetic, but the vertical lines are meant as a guide for your balance width-wise and the horizontal and diagonal lines to rightfully guide your hands and feet in your yoga asanas. The pronounced lines are for extra grip too, not that you still need it with this mat! Measurements:183 cm x 68 cm x 4mm Made of PU vegan leather and natural rubber Comes in 5 colors: Ebony, Sky, Lavender, Candy Apple, Grass Green

*each mat comes with a dual purpose adjustable mat strap

Matte FLOW - Candy Apple

  • Hang and air dry after use.

    Keep out of direct sunlight and high heat.

    To clean, wipe with a damp cloth using an oil-free water solution.  

    Do not spray solution directly on the mat.

    Do not roll in the opposite direction to preserve its smooth matte texture.

    Do not fold.

    Do not wash.