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SELF MASSAGE: Give yourself an amazing massage in the comfort of your own home! This set of massage balls and roller has everything you need to stretch and relax different muscles in your body.

FOR YOGA AND MORE: Complement your yoga practice or bring everyday sports to the next level with massage rollers.

WORKOUT ACCESSORIES: Bring out the roller, double peanut ball roller, or massage ball before or after exercising. The pieces can be used either at the start or at the end of a workout.

DURABLE: The massagers are made of compact cork. Simply place one of the rollers on the floor or against a wall, and you're ready to roll!

HOW TO USE: Use your body weight to lean into a roller against a wall or on the floor. You can create just the right pressure as you roll out your back, or larger muscles like the hips and legs.


Cork Ball 2.5diameter

Peanut Roller: 6 » width

Roller: 12 »

Cork Massage Set

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