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What are Eco-Friendly Mats and Why You Should Get One

What's with eco-friendly mats? Definitely it's more than just hype.

Eco-friendly mats seem to hold a special place in our hearts. It is because these mats are made from materials that are not only environment-friendly, but also do not harm our health.

In this post, we will quickly share with you what it means for mats to be eco-friendly and why you need to get one.

What are eco-friendly mats (vs plastic mats)

There is no better way to describe eco-friendly mats than to compare it with the commonly available mats, which are made from plastic.

Plastic Mats

Yes, you heard it right, the easily available and low-cost yoga mats you find in grocery stores and retail stores are made from plastic, particularly PVC. To make the PVC mats soft and flexible, chemicals called phthalates are used. While these chemicals are important in making the mats pliable, they are also unfortunately known to have significant health and ecological impacts including the following:

  • Disrupt hormones;

  • Produce unpleasant effects in the developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune systems;

  • Cannot be recycled; and

  • Release toxic chemicals like chlorine and carcinogens into the soil and air of landfills and incineration sites.

Eco-friendly mats

Eco-friendly mats, on the other hand, are more mindful to our health and our environment, thus the name “eco-friendly”. These mats are usually made from natural (tree) rubber, cork, natural fabrics, and other less-harmful biodegradable materials.

Depending on the materials used, the benefits of eco-friendly mats include some or all of the following:

  • Do not further contribute to air, water, and land pollution;

  • Renewable, sustainable, and recyclable;

  • Do not release toxins that are bad for our health;

  • No phthalates, no BPA and no silicone;

  • Durable and long-lasting;

  • Skid-free;

  • Dry-wicking.

Why you should get an eco-friendly mat (Summary)

It is now easy to see why you should get an eco-friendly mat. First of all, it helps protect our environment; second, it helps protect your health (remember why you do yoga - for well-being); and finally, it makes for quality and reliable mats that can be used not only for yoga, but also for other floor exercises.

With eco-friendly mats, you’ll be at peace not only with your mental and physical health, but also in knowing that you are helping preserve mother nature.

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