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Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Hello! Welcome to Our Blog

Hello and welcome to our blog!

We are Mizpah, provider of best quality and eco-friendly yoga mats in Cebu City, Philippines. We are very excited to share with you different topics, insights, and events relating to what we are really passionate about - yoga and wellness.

We decided to start this blog as we looked deeper into our vision, which is to give utmost respect and sincerely wish eternal well-being to all. Especially now that the Covid-19 pandemic still causes a lot of stress and anxiety, we hope to alleviate your distress through every post we share. We believe that this blog will make you become more well-informed and help you achieve your wellness and fitness goals, along with our quality, eco-friendly yoga mats and accessories.

If you have any topic in mind that you want us to write about, let us know through your comments below.

We hope you include us in your wellness journey as you are very well part of ours. See you on our next blog post!


Kim, Jean, Sarah, Chan, & Golda of Mizpah

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“May the Lord keep watch between you and me while we are away from each other.”

(Gen. 31:49)

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