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Stretching Exercises Like Yoga Found Better at Reducing Blood Pressure than Walking

outdoor yoga

Worried about being hypertensive, but still anxious to go walking outside your neighborhood? We have great news for you. You can just safely and conveniently do yoga and other stretching exercises at home to help lower your blood pressure and enjoy other health benefits. A new study has shown that regular stretching exercises may be more effective at lowering blood pressure than brisk walking.

According to the research that appeared in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, stretching exercises led to better improvements in blood pressure than brisk walking. The study was done for a period of two months, comparing 30-minute stretching exercises and 30-minute brisk-walks for five days a week.

Apart from being more effective in lowering blood pressure, yoga and other stretching exercises are very easy to incorporate into your daily routine without requiring a lot of time. You don’t even need to get changed into your exercise attire if you want to. These exercises can also be done regardless of the weather conditions. If you have osteoarthritis and other joint problems, stretching exercises are safer for you than walking or jogging.

This is very good news for those who want to stay indoors to exercise and keep it safe. You also get to enjoy many other aerobic, stretching, and yoga health benefits for your overall wellness.

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