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How Yoga Helped Hidilyn Diaz Grab the Elusive Olympic Gold

Hidilyn Diaz yoga - ANC

It was such a momentous event when Hidilyn Diaz grabbed the first gold medal for the Philippines during the recent Tokyo Olympics. Can you imagine the pressure she must have gone through?

Hidilyn shared how she could not sleep well months before the Tokyo Olympics. Luckily for her, she started doing yoga as part of her training. Once or twice a week, Hidilyn would meet online with her instructor, Ayn Latonio, who is based in Cebu. Part of the yoga training was focusing on the muscles she needed for weightlifting and relaxing all other muscles. She also worked on her breathing and meditation.

With yoga, Hidilyn learned to relax and focus despite the tension she faced. Most of all, yoga helped her control her mind and not the other way around - the ultimate discipline she needed to win the Olympic medal.

Read the full article by ANC here: Exclusive: How yoga helped Hidilyn Diaz grab the elusive Olympic gold

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