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How to Get Back on Track Your Fitness Journey as the Pandemic Drags On

Have you lost your motivation to stay true to your fitness journey from all the waiting for things to get back to normal?  You’re not alone and there’s hope.

For months now, gyms and fitness studios have been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Your routine is interrupted and it’s probably the reason why you are unmotivated to continue exercising.  To help you back on track, try the following tips:

1. Be kind to yourself.  Don’t set the bar too high just because you have been super fit before.  What is important is that you continue to move, even if it’s just a random 7- minute HIIT exercise at home or a few socially-responsible walks with your kids. 

2. Set new goals.  Since your pre-corona goals won’t be applicable for now, it is time to set new goals. Choose goals that are not necessarily related to your performance, but those that will make you feel better.  For instance, you may want to exercise to alleviate your anxiety or simply reduce back pain.  With this goal, you could incorporate daily yoga or mat Pilates sessions a couple of times a week with the help of YouTube and other resources.     

3. Stay accountable.  Being accountable can help you achieve your goals and stay motivated.  You can keep track of your workout using your phone or even a chart on your fridge or journal.  You can have a remote workout buddy, a family member, or even a virtual workout group to help keep you motivated.

4. Look forward.  While it can be challenging when you are feeling lazy and anxious, try not to focus on how low you feel.  You can motivate yourself by looking forward to how you would feel after exercising or maybe how you would feel when you skip it.

Finally, to stay motivated, you need to be optimistic.  As what Chicago-based triathlon coach Jennifer Harrison said “hope is not a plan or a strategy, but it is a motivating factor for people.”

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