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How to Clean Your Yoga Mat: The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Mizpah Yoga Mat

Your yoga mat is a personal and sacred place that needs to be kept clean so your yoga and meditation can be just as relaxing and stress-free as possible. We would like to share with you this guide to cleaning your premium Mizpah yoga mats the right way and other mats in general.

Why clean your yoga mat

Yoga mats absorb sweat and dirt. These can be a breeding ground for germs and can cause unpleasant smell to build up. Cleaning your mat regularly can get rid of these germs and make your mat always fresh-smelling and hygienic.

When should you clean your yoga mat

When to clean your yoga mat depends on how often you use it and how much you sweat. It also depends on the material of your mat. Some materials need to be cleaned more frequently while others only as needed. Stains and spills would also require you to clean your mat as soon as possible.

Care instructions for Mizpah yoga mats and accessories

Our Mizpah yoga mats come in different materials that require different cleaning instructions. Please be sure to follow the “care instructions” that came with your Mizpah premium yoga mat purchase.

General care tips

For all yoga mat materials, please follow these care tips:

  1. Refrain from applying lotion and/or oils that may stain and may cause your mat to smell.

  2. Wash your feet before heading to your mat or apply sanitizer to minimize dirt going to your mat.

  3. Hang and air dry your mat after every use to avoid unpleasant odor and to prevent germs from building up on your damp mat.

  4. Keep your yoga mat away from direct sunlight and high heat, which can make your rubber mat brittle and can fade its color.

Mizpah matte mat care

Mizpah matte mat
Mizpah matte mat

Please follow the guide below for Mizpah Matte Flow and Mizpah Matte Bodyline mats:

  1. Clean your matte mat only after 5 to 10 uses, and spot clean only as needed.

  2. Do not wash or soak your mat.

  3. Wipe with a damp cloth using our Aromatherapy and Mat Cleaner In One. Alternatively, you may use an oil-free water solution (1:20 water dilution ratio recommended).

  4. Do not apply cleaner or water solution directly on the mat.

  5. Hang and air dry away from direct sunlight.

  6. Do not roll in the opposite direction of the PU side.

  7. Avoid using jewelry during your yoga practice or exercise to avoid scratches on the surface.

  8. Do not fold your mat.

Mizpah suede mat care

Mizpah suede mat
Mizpah suede mat

Please follow the guide below for Mizpah Jewel Suede, Mizpah 7*7 Suede, and Mizpah NOMAD travel mats:

  1. Before each use, you may spray with Mizpah 2in1 mat spray sparingly and evenly over a distance. Wipe excess if needed.

  2. Clean your suede mat as needed.

  3. Handwashing with mild soap is recommended, but it is also machine-washable on a gentle cycle.

  4. Please do not use oil-based soaps, strong detergent, bleach, fabric softener, or stain remover.

  5. Hang and air dry away from direct sunlight.

Mizpah cork block care

Mizpah cork block
Mizpah cork block

Please follow the guide below for your Mizpah Natural Cork Block:

  1. Corks are naturally antimicrobial so frequent cleaning is not necessary.

  2. Remove stains with a damp cloth using our Aromatherapy and Mat Cleaner In One.

  3. Air dry after every use.

  4. Keep away from direct sunlight and high heat.

Mizpah 2in1 mat spray: Aromatherapy and mat cleaner in one

Mizpah 2in1 Mat spray
Mizpah 2in1 Mat Spray

Our 2in1 mat spray is formulated to disinfect your mats and at the same time give the benefits of aromatherapy. Its lightly scented spray helps condition your senses without distracting you from your yoga practice, meditation, and exercise regimens.

The Mizpah aromatherapy and mat cleaner in one is eco-friendly and non-toxic. It contains natural alcohol, pure essential oils, and distilled water.

It comes in three variations:

  1. Tranquility (Lavender and Tea Tree) - to soothe and relax your mind

  2. Happiness (Lemon and Green Tea) - to awaken and invigorate your mood

  3. Focus (Peppermint and Rosemary) - to give you clarity and balance

To use on matte mats, lightly spray onto a soft damp towel then spot clean. Never spray directly on the mat. For all other mats and props, spray sparingly and evenly over a distance. Wipe excess if needed.

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