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How to Choose the Perfect Yoga Block

Using a yoga block can help make your yoga experience easier and safer. It can help prevent injuries, helps make balancing easier, makes asanas more accessible, and helps you with your alignment.

Do you really need a yoga block? How do you choose the perfect yoga block? Should you choose a foam, wood, or cork yoga block? Should you get one or two?

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Yoga blocks are helpful for beginners learning the basic poses or for advanced practitioners learning more challenging poses.

  2. You can use a yoga block if you have physical limitations or injuries.

  3. Yoga blocks were originally made of wood, which are nice to look at and sturdy, but are usually heavier and tend to be slippery when you sweat.

  4. Foam yoga blocks are more common in the market today, which are lightweight and cheaper, but are less durable, less stable, and not eco-friendly.

  5. Cork yoga blocks are eco-friendly, more comfortable and relatively lighter than wood, but need regularegular maintenance to keep them in good shape and smell.

  6. The number of yoga blocks to get depends on the yoga poses you are going to use them for, but getting two would be more practical as you go along with your yoga journey exploring more poses.

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