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5 Beginners' Exercise Equipment You Can Have at Home

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Exercising is always a good thing. It can help boost your immune system, prevent cardiovascular diseases, and care for your mental health. If you are just a beginner and you want to start exercising at home, there is no need to feel intimidated if you don’t have those big and complicated exercise machines and equipment. You can always start with the basics.

We are laying out some exercise equipment and accessories that will help you begin your exercise journey and a healthier lifestyle.

Yoga mat

Home exercises would mean a lot of floor exercises and a yoga mat is going to be your best friend for that matter. Yoga mats are not only great for doing yoga, but also for other beginner exercises like lunges, planks, crunches, and push-ups.

For best experience, choose a non-slip yoga mat that can manage different floor exercises. Eco-friendly yoga mats would also make a great option, since not only it is great for the environment, but also best for your health.


Another beginner equipment we recommend for use at home are dumbbells. Dumbbells can help you develop leaner muscles and aid you with your strength training. They can also promote muscle flexibility and coordination. Dumbbells are versatile equipment for trying out a variety of arm and leg exercises that weight training machines cannot do. They also save you a lot of space at home.

As a beginner, you can start with a 2-3pound dumbbell for each hand. Begin by doing 12 to 15 repetitions of basic arm and leg exercises like bicep curls, triceps extensions, lateral raises, lunges, and toe raises.


If you have some space at home, get yourself a treadmill. A treadmill is a very convenient way to lose weight and get yourself in shape in the comfort of your home. If you have no time to walk or run outside, you can just jog or brisk-walk on your treadmill. You can comfortably do this while watching TV, looking after your children, or while even waiting for your oven-roasted meal to finish cooking.

Treadmills come in many different types – from the really basic ones to those that can be programmed with your preferred speed and incline. Treadmills may also come with features such as distance monitor, step counter, heart-rate monitors, burned calorie monitor, and more.

Exercise bike

If you are more into biking than walking, then an exercise bike would make a great option for beginners' indoor exercise equipment. While it does not burn calories as fast as a treadmill does, an exercise bike is a better option for those who are suffering from injuries, those who are overweight, or those with balance issues.

Exercise bikes also come with features, such as time, distance monitor, and burned calorie monitor.

Fitness tracker/watch

An accessory that we also recommend to be on your list is the fitness tracker or a fitness watch. A fitness tracker can help you with your fitness goals and help keep track of your health while exercising or even while you are resting. These fitness trackers come with different features such as pedometer, heart rate monitor, calorie tracker, oxygen monitor, blood pressure monitor, and sleep monitor among others.

Other beginners’ exercise equipment you can have at home include jump ropes, resistance bands, and exercise balls.


Exercising at home does not always mean investing a lot in exercise machines or equipment. You can always begin with the basic equipment and accessories, such as yoga mat, dumbbells, treadmill, exercise bike, and fitness bands. With accessories and equipment, you can jumpstart your fitness journey at home for a healthier and happier life.

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