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10 Helpful Yoga Tips for Beginners

yoga tips for beginners

Many people turn to yoga for its great benefits. If you’re looking to increase flexibility and muscle strength, or manage all that stress and anxiety, yoga is for you. As you begin your journey, here are some tips and advice you may find helpful.

1. Be aware of your breath

A proper and healthy breathing flow is important in every step of yoga. Your instructor will teach you more about breathing, but the important thing to remember is to be conscious of your breath. Breathe slowly and deeply in and out of your nose to fall into a sense of relaxation as you perform your routine.

2. Release expectations

You’re still a beginner, so do not set high expectations of what you can do. Everyone starts slow and simple so do not worry. Keep a healthy mindset as you practice and you will surely improve.

3. Respect your limits

Do not push yourself too hard when trying new poses. Some may take time to pull off advanced poses and other poses are just not for you. Keep in mind what certain conditions you may have, since some yoga poses may not be safe for those with specific injuries, early pregnancy, or menstruation.

4. Stay hydrated

It isn’t recommended to drink during yoga sessions, but it is important that you drink water an hour before you start your routine. Drink up after your routine as well, to keep hydrated.

5. Be mindful of what you eat

You must eat one or two hours before a yoga session to avoid discomfort in your belly. If you are hungry during your routine, try to eat a light snack such as almonds, sports bars, or fruits.

6. Remove all distractions

It is good to remove any stress-inducing items away from your sight during yoga sessions. Put your phone on silent or set aside those to-do lists to make a stress-free environment. Shift your focus away from all worries and unto your body and yoga intentions.

7. Have your yoga equipment ready

As you begin your yoga practice, you may need to have your own equipment to improve your performance. Some basic yoga equipment includes:

  • Yoga mat

  • Yoga block

  • Yoga strap

  • Yoga bolster

  • Blanket

Use whatever seems helpful during your routine.

8. Find a good yoga instructor

Whether you want to participate in private sessions or learn in a class, the safest and most effective way to start is with the help of an experienced instructor. You may find videos online or sign up for a yoga class. Yoga instructors can give important insights and guidance that may help you improve your performance.

9. Practice some poses ahead of time

If you are in a class, you may want to spend some time practicing basic yoga poses before the session starts. Expected poses you may perform in classes include the Mountain Pose, Child Pose, Warrior 1 Pose, and more.

10. Maintain a frequent yoga practice

Short but frequent sessions are more effective than less but longer ones. Around 15 minutes a day will already have a positive impact on your body and mind.

Now that you know some tips on starting yoga, you can prepare yourself for a new journey. Keep these things in mind as you settle into your first routine and you will advance into more poses as you grow. May these tips allow you to healthily improve your body, mind, and soul.

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