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  • Is my mat eco-friendly?
    Our mats are guilt-free in that they are all made of natural rubber with recycled microfiber or polyurethane "vegan" leather. These materials are biodegradable, with no toxic glue and phthalates and are PVC-free and silicone free hence good for the environment.
  • How can I wash my suede mat?
    Our suede mat is machine-washable (cold, gentle cycle) but it is recommended to clean the mat with a damp cloth or hand wash with a gentle soap. Use of strong detergents to clean the mat may affect the color of the mat.
  • How do I dry my mat?
    Depending on use, you can leave the mat on the floor to dry with suitable ventilation or hang and air dry the mat away from high heat and direct sunlight exposure.
  • I just purchased a mat and it has a defect. What should I do?
    We strictly check our mats prior to shipping, delivery or pick up. If in case you still see a defect, we strongly advise not to use the mat and keep its original packaging. Immediately inform us of said defect through our contact page and we'll verify if there is a need for an exchange.
  • How do I store my mat?
    Roll the mat on the exterior side (microfiber or PU side) to keep its shape and form. Matte mats should not be folded to prevent wrinkling. Only the suede travel mat in 1.5mm thickness can be folded however all mats are best rolled and stored away from high heat and direct sunlight exposure.
  • My question hasn't been answered.
    Contact us at our contact page and we'd be happy to assist you.
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